Chest shops are convenient because they increase player-to-player interactivity by allowing users to create their own shops to sell or buy items from others. Once you know how they work, you can easily create your own stores, extensive markets, and even massive malls! Furthermore, they cost nothing to make, other than a chest and the item you want to sell or buy!

How to create a chestshop

  1. Place down a chest and hold the item you want to buy or sell in your hand
  2. Crouch and left click the chest with the item, or use the attack button depending on your device
  3. A message will appear in chat, follow its instructions by entering the amount of money you want to sell/buy your item for, then your shop will be created
  4. Players can then go up to your shop and purchase or sell the specified item by clicking the sign and entering the amount of items

Useful Commands

Notice: These commands will only work when you're looking at the chest shop

  1. /qs buy - The chestshop will be preset to a sell chest, but if you want your chest to buy items simply execute this command and your shop will be converted to a buy shop
  2. /qs price (amount) - In case you want to change the price of your shop, execute this command and replace amount with how much you want to sell or buy the items for
  3. /qs amount (amount) - This command is used to buy or sell items from other players shops. This is done by replacing amount with how many items you want to buy or sell. While this command will most likely only be used by muted players, it is still helpful to know it.
  4. /qs find (item) - The biggest problem with quick shops is finding the shop you need, but this command solves that problem. By entering what item you want to buy/sell in the item section, you will be able to find all near shops with that item.
  5. /qs help -  There are lots of other useful commands not listed here that you can find by typing this command.