Happy Easter! Our staff team hosted a build competition for April, and we got some fantastic submissions! The contest's theme was primarily up to the players, but it had to have something to do with spring, April, or easter! The judging was based on three criteria, but players could earn bonus points for having fun tricks or easter eggs hidden in the build.

The Criteria

  1. Creativity: This category focused on how original the build was and how much it related to the theme
  2. Decoration: Here, we looked for how detailed the builds were and how appealing the decorations were
  3. Scale: The size of the builds is important, bigger ones would receive a higher score in this category

The Results

We had many great results, but only three players could win the big prizes in the competition. However, those who didn't make it into the top three still received an epic key for their participation.

#3 Not_Yosstin - Yosstin had two builds, the first being a "spooky" house. The house strayed away from the competition's theme and lacked an interior. Still, it was somewhat large, and the exterior had terrific detail. The second of his two builds was a big easter basket with a bunny peering out of it.

#2 PsyOtic007 - For Psyotic's build, he chose to create a massive easter egg. He used a combination of terracottas and frog lights to make it very colorful and bright. His wide variety of blocks and the large scale of his build earned him second place.

Psyotic's build

#1 *ItzNotPhoebe - Our first-place winner was Phoebe, who decided that building a spring-themed arena was the way to win. Phoebe used incredible detail in almost every inch of the build, and combined with high creativity and scale scores, Phoebe earned first place in this competition.

As a result of winning the competition, Phoebe earned a custom [PRANK] tag, which is viewable below. Congratulations to all who won, and thanks to everyone who participated! If you want to be in our next build competition, join the discord to be notified when our next contest is!

The custom tag