One of the cool features on Blocklands is that more experienced users can create nations & be involved in nation-v-nation wars!


Nations can be created using the /l command. Nations are generally collections of lands, meaning they can have large influence over the server if they have lots of members. There are various perks & gameplay loops related to Nations - make sure you check them out on our server!


Wars can happen between two nations, provided both agree beforehand. The nation-war-cycle goes something like this:

  1. A nation declares war on another nation using the /wars declare command
  2. The other nation has 7 days to accept this war declaration. Wars can only take place if both involved nations agree to it. War invitation would probably be a more accurate command.
  3. A 1 hour preparation period begins as soon as both nations accept.
  4. Once the war begins, some special rules activate:
  • PvP is enabled for everyone involved in the war
  • You are able to do the following things in enemy territory: enter any enemy chunks, pick up items, attack players, use ender pearls, and attack mobs.
  • You are able to place any of the following blocks in enemy territory: ladders, scaffolding, wool. You are also able to break ladders and scaffolding.

5. Capturing chunks, here's how:

  • Craft a claim beacon. The recipe for claim beacons can be previewed with /war menu
  • Place the claim beacon in enemy territory
  • Defend the beacon: You must have at least 1 allied player in the same chunk as the claim beacon to defend it (tip: use wool to fortify). If you manage to defend it for 10 minutes, your nation receives 100 points.

6. Winning the war: The first nation to get 1000 points wins the war. The following things give a nation points:

  • 10 points per enemy kill
  • 100 points per successful capture
  • 150 points per destroyed enemy capture
If neither nation has 1000 points after five hours, the nation with the most enemy kills wins the war. A nation can surrender during a war at a price of $50,000

We hope you enjoy this awesome feature on Blocklands Earth SMP!