Our community is full of creative thinkers and great builders, and we wanted to show off some of the communities best builds so far. Lots of the builds i've reviewed are awesome and very detailed, and many of the builds also have tons of potential to become even greater! I reviewed and rated the top builds in the server and listed them below using the categories of Creativity, Detail, Implementation, and Scale. Creativity meant how unique and special the build was, a basic build would receive a low score while a build that is different from most others would receive a higher one. Detail was simply different features and elements in the build. Implementation was how well the build or base fit into the surrounding environment, and scale was how big the build was, the bigger the better.

Top Five

5. *TechnoThePig107 - TechnoLand - 6.5/10

This was a beautiful house was originally built by Technoblade. Techno made use of the smaller shed to showcase their many player heads, including some more popular players like *PPPCHIO1, teedawgyt9595, and Xithos. The base had mostly good scores except it was slightly lacking in creativity as the build wasn't their own.

4. Hopefulstorm180 - The Capital of the Republic of Puerto Rico - 7.2/10

Situated on the island of Puerto Rico, this island came with many useful farms such as sugarcane and cactus. The town was very will implemented into its surroundings and received a high score on that, but unfortunately most of the houses lacked interiors so the detail score was relatively low.

3. psyOtic007 - The Conservatory - 8.2/10

psyOtic007 managed to successfully transform an entire cave into a beautiful sanctuary for his turtles and axolotls. They've created the perfect ambiance for the area with the glow berries and lighting under the moss carpets. This build received the highest scores in implementation and creativity.

2. JRscourtjester - Mountain Houses/Museum 9.2/10

Starting with the house in near the mountain, I loved the design on the outside which a mini barn and a pointing arch above the doorway. The inside also had amazing details. The larger barn had a less impressive inside, but the foliage and details on the outside made up for it. Lastly, the museum by far had the most interesting design. It seemed like a mix between modern with the quarts, and medieval with the castle like corners. The inside of the museum also had less detail, but it housed many cool items like Neptune's Trident, Xithos's head, and a september sword. Overall, I gave them very high scores across the board, and they were just two points away from taking first place!

  1. Nature_Of_Eco - Botany Bay - 9.5/10

Many of you who have visited this base already probably knew that it would take first place. The sheer size of it was larger than all of the previous bases combined. It has a multitude of builds, farms, and useful contraptions, all of which are free to the public! Nature received max scores in creativity and scale, and also had very high scores in detail and implementation. The amount of blocks they had to mine just to get the area ready probably took days, if not weeks! My favorite piece was probably the church, which has a hidden PvP arena underneath. If you want to check out this build just type /pw Botany_Bay!

Honorable Mentions

*CPC_K1eran - Trident

This build was very creative but unfortunately it was missing a bit of detail, and their were many holes on the outside of the base lowering the implementation score. If CPC added a bit more detail and cleaned up the outside, it definitely would have made top 5.

*FlowerFace9184 - Michael's Shop

While this is technically MichaelMaster13's shop, Flowerface was the one who built it. It was very nice and had pretty good details but was very small and lost major points there. If they had increased the size a lot and maybe added more detail to the outside it would have received higher scores.