It is time for a fresh new season on Blocklands Earth SMP! This season has some of the best and most fun features we have ever seen on the server, so make sure to check it out in-game as soon as it's released! Keep reading to learn about all the new updates that are being added.


Minions are cute new companions that can be extremely powerful and valuable! There are 2 minion types:

  • Miner Minion - automatically mines block(s) in front of it
  • Lumberjack Minion - automatically chops down wood block(s) in front of it

Minions can also be upgraded to increase their range to make them even more powerful! Minions can be found in crates and can be upgraded with in-game money.

NEW Custom Enchantments

We've completely replaced custom enchantments - we now have 99 completely new enchantments! Custom enchantments come in 5 rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic!

Check out these new enchants by typing /enchants in-game!

Head Database

The head database is an awesome new feature added to Blocklands! Turtle users and above can type /hdb to access a database of over 40,000 player heads for decorations. Heads can be purchased using in-game money.

PvP Revamp

The PvP system on our server has been completely revamped! Changes:

  • Redesigned combat tag
  • 10 hours playtime requirement for PVP
  • 15 minute PVP toggle cooldown


We've completely replaced McMMO with a more reliable, powerful, and fun skills system! There are 10 skills, from combat to farming, which unlock not only abilities but also powerful stat bonuses! Check out the new skills using /skills

Other Updates

  • Rebalanced /shop
  • Fresh new tablist with your account stats
  • Mob stacking - useful for farms, grinders - also helps performance
  • Re-added /withdraw and /xpbottle
  • Added a custom continent-warp spawn for new users and improved the claim wand
  • Disabled keep-inventory
  • Internal staff reorganizing
  • Removed chunk loaders
  • Updated to 1.19.1 server software
  • Improved resource pack downloads, lower pack size


Because so many things are new in this update, we have made the decision to do a reset for Season 2. This means that inventories and the map will not carry over.

"What happens to the stuff I bought on the online store though?"

Nothing to worry about: Ranks and gems will not reset. Because crates are items, we came up with the following solution:

If you made any purchase on the store, you are able to store items in the first row of your playervault (open with /pv). Once the new season releases, you can open a support ticket to reclaim those items. Keep in mind shulker boxes or other loopholes are not allowed.

Season 2 is going to be the most feature-packed and exciting update we have ever had on Blocklands, so make sure to join when it is released!

- Kick