Monthly crates are powerful items that will give you a multitude of OP gear, spawners, money, and more! The July monthly crate is no different, containing items worth millions in the BlockLands economy. However, unlike other crates, the monthly crate will not only guarantee a piece of monthly gear, but also give you four other OP items!

  1. Moneynotes - Moneynotes are pretty simple; they are sheets of paper that you can redeem to earn the amount of money written on the paper. The three moneynotes you can get from the crate are worth 100k, 250k, and 500k!
  2. Vehicles (Earth only) - Out of the nine possible vehicles obtainable on earth, you can get seven of these from the July crate! Learn more about what every vehicle can do in the Vehicle Rundown article!
  3. Spawners - You can also get all nine spawners from the July crate! Each spawner is unique in its own way; learn more about which spawner is best for you in the upcoming Ins and Outs of Spawners article!
  4. Ability Gear - The best part of the July crate is the guaranteed ability gear! The gear varies from month to month, and this month it contains a complete set of July Armor with custom textures and enchants! It also has a July sword, July axe, July shield, and a July greatsword, all with custom textures and enchants!

When purchasing the July crate, you will get the crate itself, not crate keys like the others, and you can place this anywhere you want. A cool animation will follow, and you will be awarded a random piece of July Gear and four of the other possible items listed above! Keep in mind that the July gear is better than netherite even without the enchants! A new monthly crate will be released almost every month with new exciting ability gear! You can also get a great deal on the monthly crate by purchasing the Lion rank; for the exact cost of a monthly crate, you will get a bunch of nice perks and a free monthly crate every month!