These are the official rules of the BlockLands server. If you are confused about any of the rules or feel something should be changed, contact our staff on discord for clarification. If you find yourself wondering if something would break the rules, we recommend that you don't do it to avoid any negative consequences. These rules can be changed at any time for any reason

The three basic rules of the server are to be kind and respectful to everyone, follow staff instructions, and use common sense. We do not tolerate bullying or toxicity; be nice to each other. If something is not written in the rules, but you think it may not be allowed, it probably isn't.

1. Spamming - Spamming is sending multiple repeating messages in a short period of time or sending long unnecessary messages, sometimes in all caps. Both are not allowed and will usually result in warnings and temporary mutes.

2. Non-English - As this is an English-speaking server, chatting in foreign languages is prohibited, except when talking to friends in direct messages. You will not be punished for speaking in foreign languages unless you continually do it after being told not to. This rule exists because we are unable to moderate chat in multiple languages.

3. Inappropriate Content/Messages - This includes sexual, offensive, or drug-related content. If you aren't sure if saying something is inappropriate or not, assume it is and don't say it. Inappropriate Content refers to chat messages, usernames, named items, and anything else you can think of. Punishments for breaking this rule can range from small warnings to bans.

4. Language - Occasional light swearing is allowed, but heavy swearing or insults directed at other players are not allowed. The usual consequences of this rule are warnings and mutes.

5. Discrimination - We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, with zero exceptions. Breaking this rule will almost always result in permanent mutes and bans.

6. Threats - Threats are also not condoned, including threats to harm someone or to steal/leak personal information. Depending on the threat, punishments can vary from mutes to permanent bans.

7. Irl Trading - Trading real-life gift cards/money or items/currency from another game for items/currency in BlockLands is not allowed. This will result in a ban for both players involved in the trade.

8. Advertising - Advertising other Minecraft servers, discord servers, or similar will result in a ban. This includes advertising servers through direct messages.

9. Evading Punishments - Avoiding mutes or bans using alt accounts or other methods will result in a doubling of the original punishment (Ex: 3-day mute -> 6-day mute)

10. Modifications/Hacking - Any modification, programs, or hacked clients that offer an advantage over other players are forbidden. Anything that automatically clicks your mouse, including mice with an auto-clicking feature, is also not allowed. If you appear to be auto-clicking and do not respond to staff within 1 minute (not present at your monitor), it will be assumed you are auto-clicking, and you will be banned.

11. Scamming - Scamming players of items or money will result in a ban. The ban will be increased if the items or money that was scammed is not returned to the victim. TP-Killing and spawn trapping is also considered a form of a scam and is punishable.

12. Griefing - (Earth) - Griefing is destroying/damaging someone's base, the surroundings of a base, or any untouched land, and in almost all cases it is bannable. Griefing a land you are trusted in or are a member of is not allowed. Claiming chunks next to a base just to grief it or block others from expanding their base is also not allowed. If you find a base that is unclaimed you may utilize it (use chests, furnaces, beds, etc.), but you may not grief it or claim it for yourself. However, if you were a member of the land before it was unclaimed, you may claim it.

12.5 Griefing - (OneBlock) - Destroying/damaging an island you are trusted in or are a member of is prohibited.

13. Stealing - If you take something from a land or island you are a member of without permission from the owner of said item, you will be banned. If the owner of a land that you are a member of is inactive, you have to wait for the land to automatically unclaim until you are allowed to take items or claim the base for yourself.

14. Bug Abuse - Abusing or not reporting bugs is not allowed. If you discover an exploit, report it to staff immediately, even if you aren't sure if it's a bug. You may not be banned for failing to report a bug, but you will be for abusing one.

15. Chargeback - If you purchase something from the store and then proceed to chargeback that item without talking to the staff about it first, you will be permanently banned.

16. Leaving the Borders (Earth) - Leaving the map's borders on Earth is disallowed, resulting in your inventory being cleared and a ban. This is due to the fact that beyond the boundaries, there are materials you can gain access to that we have specifically removed from the map.

17. Loopholes - We know that our rules aren't perfect; there will always be ways to do something bad without specifically breaking a rule. However, if you think of a way to go around a rule, it is still punishable, even if you aren't directly breaking it. Use common sense and think, "is what I'm about to do going to hurt someone or hurt the server?" If it is, then it's likely not allowed. Anything done with malice is punishable.

If you notice anyone breaking these rules, please get evidence and contact our support team through discord. If you feel your punishment was unfair or don't understand why you were punished you can also contact our staff.