While, at first, regular Minecraft tools may suit you fine, there comes a time in your adventures when the usual boring vanilla items become too ineffectual for you. It's at this point where you start craving something stronger, something better. There are a few options, including our custom enchants or ability gear, but one of the lesser-known options is our customized gemshop! From sell wands to chunk loaders, the gemshop has tons of powerful OP items! All of these items and more can be purchased by using gems from the store, store.blocklands.org

Keep in mind that this list is my personal opinion! Many other players can disagree with what I think, and that's ok!

5. Sorter Wand - The most annoying thing about Minecraft is item storage. Everyone who has played survival knows that it's nearly impossible to organize all the chests that pile up at your base. The sorter wand is essentially the savior of organization; it automatically sorts everything inside a chest you click. Another bonus of this item is that it's the cheapest one, costing only 500 gems!

4. The Chunk Collector - The chunk collector will automatically pick up any items dropped in the chunk it's placed in. This comes in incredibly handy for farms of any type. Just imagine the farms that you could create with this!

3. The Sell Wand - Coming in third, the sell wand makes life so much easier. No more will you have to open a chest and grab every item in it, then type /sell, put all the items back into the GUI, and sell them. Now you can simply click the chest with the items, and everything sellable inside will be sold!

2. 7x Harvester Hoe - This tool would not have made it to the list had it not been for its vast range! The hoe will not only harvest but replant and till any crops you mine in a seven block radius!

  1. Trench Pickaxe - First on my list is the Trench Pickaxe. It is an incredibly quick pickaxe that mines a 3x3 area of blocks, just like the drill. However, this pickaxe is much better than the drill as you can break the blocks in any direction, and it's much quicker! This is also the most expensive item in the gemshop, costing 5000 gems!

Like this list and want more? Let me know your ideas for the next Top Five list in the discord! https://discord.gg/SvAxyFJTUm