Out of all the fun features on the Earth SMP, the most enjoyed part is undeniably the exciting custom vehicles. They can vary from high-flying helicopters to groundbreaking drills, but they are all equally awesome! The best thing about these vehicles... you don't need any mods to use them! Just join our server using the IP mc.blocklands.org and the port 25490 if you're on bedrock, and head over to the earth SMP! Below you can learn about what each and every vehicle can do!

The Vehicles

  1. The Old Raft - While this may not seem very impressive at first glance, the Old Raft will be extremely handy when voyaging through the ocean. With the stunning custom textures viewable below, this raft is easy to control and is noticeably swifter than a typical Minecraft boat.

2. The Red Tractor - Arguably the most useful vehicle, the Red Tractor will not only harvest crops and store them in its inventory, but it will also replant the crops without you needing to lift another finger! So enjoy the simplicity of farming now that you have this great tractor!

3. The Golden Drill - The only other contender for the most useful vehicle would have to be the Golden Drill. Just get in, go forwards, and you will automatically mine a 3x3 area of blocks in front of you! Need to make a long tunnel? Done! Clearing out a large chunk? No sweat!

4. The Tiger Helicopter - This innocent-looking helicopter is actually one of the most dangerous vehicles on earth! Clicking while holding fire charges in your hand will fire a destructive missile wherever you aim it. This won't damage the environment to prevent grief, but it will still do tons of damage to any players caught in the line of fire!

5. The Red Bike - This vehicle is especially remarkable because it has two seats, meaning both you can your friend can ride it! Bike at blazing speeds all across the world and keep any essential items in its vehicle storage!

6. The Train - The train is a helpful item for traveling from place to place without having to do anything. Just lay the tracks, hop in your train, and off you go! The train also makes a nice decoration for your base if you don't use it to travel!

7. The Plane - Hear that? It's the sound of war! The plane is a perfect flying machine for fighting others! It's fast and agile, and you can even drop bombs above your enemies using TNT! Have fun dominating others in your war!

8. The Mecha - The mecha is my favorite vehicle. When you climb into this giant monster, you'll first notice its powerful jetpack that will send you flying in the air! But that's not all it has to offer; you can also shoot a deadly red laser that will make your opponents think twice before facing you!

9. The Armata Tank - Last but not least, the tank is an absolute beast among the vehicles. It fires powerful missiles like the plane and is very neat and compact compared to other vehicles. Combined with any air support, the tank is an unbeatable team.