On January 16, 2024, a fierce conflict unfolded between two nations, Antarctica and Australia. Taking place in the cold capitol of Antarctica. Both teams were equipped with their best gear, prepared to exert maximum effort in their quest to claim victory over the Antarctic Capitol.

In the initial stages of the battle, both teams exhibited strength and determination. However, as the war began to unfold it became evident that Antarctica was a little stronger. With over 50 kills in less than an hour, the Antarctic Empire emerged victorious and secured control over the capitol of Antarctica.


Certain capitols receive certain buffs. Antarctica Empire has received the following buffs:

  • Shop Subsidy (20% Shop Sell Bonus)
  • Icy Glide (Permanent Dolphin's Grace III)
  • Eternal Daylight (Permanent Night Vision I)

Sleame's Message

I can't thank my nation enough for helping not only me but all of us conquer what we set out to do. I couldn't have done it without them. ANTARCTICA ON TOP!


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