Get ready for an exhilarating ride as we proudly unveil the launch of the Earth SMP Season Three! Bringing a fresh wave of excitement and changes. Immerse yourself in an entirely new game mode adorned with custom features and game-altering additions. Build your nation, engage in wars, and set sail on an uncharted sea of endless adventure.

Earth: Season Three

For Earth season three we have a whole new custom-designed continent capitols war system, economy, interactive quests and so much more. To get started type /rtp to teleport to a random continent and start your journey.

The Dungeon

Similar to our Skyblock Update we've created a deadly dungeon where you can fight custom monsters, but instead of the boring old vanilla Minecraft monsters you'll find yourself fighting a multitude of custom enemies to defeat! But be careful because upon death you will lose 50% of your XP and all Bandit drops in your inventory!

Custom Bosses

Custom bosses are the ultimate challenge! Defeating them will drop powerful rewards. To get a chance at fighting these fierce bosses, open a Treasure Crate or Loot Crate which can be purchased from our online store.

Interactive Quests

We know you loved the quest system from Skyblock so we decided to implement it into the Earth SMP! You can find many quest NPC's, but make sure to visit the quest master at spawn to start your quests! Upon release, there are a total of nine quests with ranging difficulties and lengths with more to come!

War System

Instead of fighting wars in claims of other nations, nations now fight wars over 7 continent capitols. Capitols are admin claims located in each continent. But because they are in admin claims permissions are limited but they can be controlled by nations. When a nation controls a capitol they receive nationwide buffs.

More about this new war system will be published in an article at a future date.

All-New Items

There are many new items in this season including new vehicles, gemshop items and so much more! Including but not limited to claim chunk vouchers, boosters, and the highly requested Submarine.

Minor Changes

  • Custom GUI textures
  • New Custom Crates
  • New Vehicle Variants
  • Gem Pouch's
  • Boosters
  • Furniture & Hat Cosmetics
  • Redesigned Shop
  • And so much more...!

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That's all for now.... but what's next???

-The Blocklands Team