We're thrilled to unveil the outcomes of our recent Blocklands Ice Boat Race event, which provided an exciting and challenging experience for all participants.

After a series of intense rounds and a great deal of boating, we're delighted to announce our victors:

  1. HopefulStorm180 - Reward: 500k, & 1x Loot Crate key.
  2. soMaxye - Reward: 250k, & 10x Pirate Crate keys.
  3. hAxk14 - Reward: 100k, & 5x Pirate Crate keys.

A hearty congratulations to these winners! Your remarkable speed and keen observation secured your positions in the coveted top three. Your well-earned prizes await you.

We would also like to recognize the original second place holder, Nature_Of_Eco, with a time of 2:42.61! They have sadly left the server and defaulted their reward to second place.

We extend our sincere appreciation to all who took part in this event. To view all the times in this event look at the spreadsheet below.

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