It's October and time for another Blocklands "Crate Break Down".

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The October Crate has all-new gear, upgraded enchants (PROT 13!), and, most importantly, 2x SPAWNERS! Every spawner item you receive will drop 2 spawners of that type.

Gives Four Rewards:

  • Spawners (12 Types)
  • Vehicles (8 Types)
  • 500k Money Note
  • 750k Money Note
  • 1M Money Note
  • 5M Money Note
  • Miner Minion
  • Lumberjack Minion
  • Farmer Minion
  • 5x Claim Voucher
  • 10x Claim Voucher

    Gives One OP October Reward:
  • October Helmet
  • October Chestplate
  • October Leggings
  • October Boots
  • October Sword
  • October Pickaxe
  • Ultra Elytra

Reward Information:

Moneynotes - Moneynotes are pretty simple; they are sheets of paper that you can redeem to earn the amount of money written on the paper. The three moneynotes you can get from the crate are worth 100k, 250k, and 500k!

Vehicles (Earth only) - Out of the eleven possible vehicles obtainable on earth, you can get eight of these from the September crate! Learn more about what every vehicle can do in the Vehicle Rundown article!

Minions - Minions are fairly new to blocklands and have special abilities that can help you become rich on the server, minions are only available in the September crate! Learn about minions in the Earth Season 2 Update article!

Spawners - You can also get all twelve spawners from the September crate! Each spawner is unique in its own way; learn more about which spawner is best for you in the Ins and Outs of Spawners article!

Claim Vouchers - Tired of running out of claims? Well not to worry Claim Vouchers are here! With these new claim vouchers, you can increase your claim count by five or even ten claims!

Ability Gear - The best part of the October crate is the guaranteed ability gear! The gear varies from month to month, and this month it contains a variety of new and never seen before gear! This new ability gear is OP, ranging from the October Sword to one of Minecraft's op items the Elytra!

Well that's all for the October Crate! Thanks Milo & Kick for this months amazing crate!

Wondering what happened in the month of September? Check out the new September Monthly Summary article.

October Crate

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