We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new gamemode, Skyblock, which will redefine your expectations of this beloved game. But hold on tight, because this is not your typical Skyblock adventure. We have spent countless hours implementing awesome custom features and additions to the game in order to achieve what we believe to be the pinnacle of this famous gamemode! Take a quick look below at the many fun things we've added, and then we'll leave the rest for you to explore!


For this gamemode, we have custom-designed a new Skyblock system! To create your private island, type /is and choose from a template. We've also added features like Team Members, Statistics, Upgrades, Permissions, Values, and Leaderboards!

Dungeon and Mines

A large portion of the time we've dedicated to this project was spent creating the deadly dungeon and the rich mines. In the mines, you can dig up valuable gems to then sell for mass profits, while also fighting off the monsters that attack you from behind! On the other hand, the dungeon was built specifically to fight monsters, but instead of the generic zombies and skeletons, you’ll find a multitude of custom enemies to defeat!

Custom Bosses

Only for the most powerful players, the bosses we have implemented are the ultimate challenge! Defeating them will drop powerful rewards, however many believe that winning the intense fight is rewarding enough! To get a chance at fighting these fierce bosses, open our new custom crates at spawn using crate keys from our store!

Interactive Quests

Complete with interesting dialogue, tough challenges, and worthwhile rewards - you'll find many quest npcs scattered around the different areas of skyblock, awaiting you to begin the adventure. Upon release, there are 10 quest npcs and 25 quests with ranging difficulties and lengths, and many more to come!

Skills & Enchants

We have implemented a wide variety of custom enchants ranging from common to mythic, as well as a dozen fun skills with powerful rewards and abilities! Those of you who play on the Earth SMP  will be familiar with these systems!

All-new Items

We have also introduced new items to our economy, crates, and gem shop! These include upgraded sell wands, void chests, and command vouchers.

Minor Changes

  • Custom GUI textures
  • Upgradable custom armor
  • Furniture and hat cosmetics
  • New shop with custom drops
  • Redesigned ranks
  • And more!