Welcome to January everyone and happy new year! December was a month full of updates, giveaways, and events here at Blocklands! January and 2024 are here and we have a lot planned for you!

Error Loading Image; Major Updates

Quick Update - Global - 12/14/2023

December Crate Released -  The December crate was released with a new custom Christmas texture and reduced prices on Skyblock.

Earth Season Three: Announced: - We are actively working on Earth Season 3 - Which will have a combination of the best features from Earth Season 2 & Skyblock plus all-new gameplay!

Marketing & Community Engagement - We have started working on more YouTube & TikTok videos to promote the server. Additionally, the staff team will continue to host awesome events to keep the community engaged! We will also be adding NPCs to the tablist to prevent player turnover. (Continued Here.)

Global - December Crate Change - 12/19/2023

Sale - A 20% sale has been added to all December/Christmas Crates!

Earth Season Three Purchase Policy: - Because Earth Season Three might be released after December we still want to make purchasing December Crates worth it. Because of this, we have a one-time offer. Any unopened December Crates purchased during Season 2 can be TRANSFERED to Season 3 for free, without taking up any slots. - Keep in mind that enchants will likely be adjusted for Season 3 balance.

Marketing - Creator Program Reboot - 12/22/2023

Blocklands Creator Program: -  The blocklands creator program has reopened if you are interested in creating and uploading videos to advertise blocklands feel free to check it out in our discord server. We even have free video templates for you to use.

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Global - Bedrock Support Update - 12/06/2023

Bedrock support has been updated to 1.20.50.

Npc Addition

[Live on Skyblock, Coming Soon to Earth S3]

This is a really important update and we understand there will be questions. If you have any questions feel free to ask in our discord server.

A direct message from KickSquare:


When we start marketing back up (very soon - I already have hundreds of videos ready to go) and have new players join, they will most likely leave when they see our low player activity. This creates a "vicious cycle" and makes it harder to grow Blocklands...


I have added NPC player names to TAB to fix this problem. This way, new players will give Blocklands a chance and discover our amazing community & gameplay 🙂

I know this isn't ideal because it's a little confusing and makes it more difficult to find your friends when they're online, but:

  1. This is an important step to grow our server more.
  2. I am working on a system to identify NPCs (a special icon next to their name).
  3. This is only temporary until we reach higher real player counts.

That's all for this month and the end of 2023. This year was amazing with all its ups and downs we got through it as a community. On behalf of the whole staff team we would like to thank you for playing blocklands and we can not wait to see what 2024 brings us.

Thank you KickSquare & Monster_Milo for not only maintaining blocklands but for providing awesome updates for the whole community to enjoy. We can not wait to see what January brings to blocklands!