Welcome to December Everyone! November was a month full of updates, giveaways, and events here at Blocklands! December is here and we have a lot planned for you!

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Discord - Music Bot - 11/03/2023

Added a custom music bot the the discord server!

Skyblock - Shop Change - 11/04/2023

Added Sea Pickles and Glow ink sacs to the shop.

Skyblock - Player Level - 11/15/2023

Added a new player level calculation! /plevel

*This will be used for some future updates*

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Skyblock - NETHER MINE RELEASE - 11/18/2023

The nether mine presents a challenging new world on Blocklands Skyblock! With an all-new nether theme and 5+ completely-custom mobs,

How do I get to the nether mine?
Find the nether portal in the regular mine to unlock it! Once unlocked, you can also use /warp nethermine

❓What are the rewards & drops from the Nether Mine?

  • ORES & BLOCKS: Nether Quartz, Nether Gold, Obsidian, Netherrack
  • XP & Money from mob drops
  • NETHERITE: You will find special netherite blocks at the bottom of the Nether mine. When mined, these drop Netherite Shards. Craft Netherite Shards into a Blaze King Spawn Egg, dropping 1-4 Netherite scraps! Recipes can be viewed at the Nether Mine spawn.

What kind of armor do I need for the nether mine? We balanced the Nether mine with stock Artifact armor in mind. We recommend maxed diamond, Artifact, or Legendary gear in order to fight Nether mobs I hope you all have fun with this new update!

Note: Because we use custom mobs, the nether mine isn't available to Bedrock users. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Error Loading Image; Bug Fixes

Skyblock - Legendary Armor Textures- 11/10/2023

Legendary Armor Textures have been fixed on skyblock! If you still have armor with broken textures please reach out to our support team on our discord server!

Error Loading Image; November Sumo Event

The November Sumo Event was a blast and the winners have been announced! Make sure to join our discord server so you don't miss out on future events and giveaways.

That's all for this month and like always thank you so much Milo and Kick we really do love these amazing updates and can't wait to see what December brings to the server!