Welcome to February everyone! January was a month full of updates, giveaways, and events here at Blocklands! February is we have a lot planned for you but let's summarize last month!

Error Loading Image; Major Updates

Earth - EARTH SMP: SEASON THREE! - 1/07/2024

Earth season three has arrived and tons of new features have been added read more about this amazing update here.

Earth - 150$ War Competition - 1/15/2024

We are holding a massive competition for nations on the blocklands server. The nation with the most war ratings will win. Gain war ratings by fighting for capitols. More information on our discord server.

Error Loading Image; Bug Fixes

Earth - Bug Fixes - 1/10/2024 - 1/24/2024

  • Fixed /fly
  • Fixed Auction House Linkage to the discord.
  • Removed the Personal Menu.
  • Reset Chat Games Data for Season Three
  • Fixed Quests
  • Fixed Claim Issues
  • Removed /help
  • Added Back /sellgui
  • Added Sell Prices to Farm Items
  • /map Fixed
  • Removed Tons of excess features from PyroFishing.
  • Nation Member Limit Updated: 5 Total Members (Including the leader)
  • Replaced Chicken Spawners with Rabbit Spawners
  • Removed all hats from the Treasure Crate
  • Limited hats in the Loot Crate to two.
  • Added the furniture shop from skyblock to /spawn
  • Added tons of hats to the furniture shop
  • Fixed Additional Claim Chunk Issues
  • Fixed Nation Buffs
  • Disabled friendly fire during wars.
  • Added warps for all capitols.
  • Blocked bedrock players from entering the dungeon.
  • Removed the Submarine.
  • Fixed Legendary Bows
  • Added two public mob grinders to /spawn
  • Nerfed XP given from Magma Cubes, Pufferfish, and Slimes.
  • Fixed S2 Item textures.

Blocklands News

First War: 1/16/2024

The First War took place at the Capitol of Antarctica find out what happened and who won in this article.

Capitol's Reminder

PVP is always on and keep inventory is always off inside capitols. If you die, we will NOT do anything about your items.

TP Killing/Death Traps

Reminder: TP Killing/Death Traps are against the rules and bannable. Forcing people into PVP zones also falls under this umbrella.

If you need further clarification of the rules please review our rules.

That's all for this month we'll see you next time!

Thank you KickSquare & Monster_Milo for not only maintaining blocklands but for providing awesome updates for the whole community to enjoy. We can not wait to see what February brings to blocklands!