Welcome to blocklands! Have you ever had a question that you did not know the answer to? Well here are all the answers to the most frequently asked question on blocklands.

General: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the rules?
A: View a full list of our rules here!

Q: How can I become a staff member?
A: Staff applications are limited and only available to Discord members. An announcement will be posted in the discord server when applications are open.

Q: How can I support the server?
A: Just playing on blocklands helps support and grow the server, but if you are interested in buying cool items and perks check out the server's store.

Q: How can I get in contact with support?
A: To get in contact with support you can create a ticket in our discord server or email our support team.

Q: What is the server's IP & Port?
A: Blockland's IP is mc.blocklands.org and the port is 25490.
A2: If you do not know how to join a third-party server on your platform check out our How to Play article.

Earth: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I claim land?
A: You can do this by standing in the chunk you want to claim and type /claim.

Q: How do I unclaim land?
A: You can do this by standing in the chunk you want to unclaim and type /unclaim.

Q: How do I view my land?
A: You can view your land by typing /l view.

Q: How do I view the map?
A: You can view the earth map here.

Q: How do I set my spawn?
A: You can set your spawn by typing /sethome at the position you want your home to be.

Q: How do I buy things?
A: You can buy things in /shop or /ah. You can always trade with others using the /trade command.

Q: How can I obtain a vehicle?
A: You can obtain a vehicle on the store or by trading with other players.

Q: How do I get more claim chunks?
A: You can purchase an earth rank on the store.

Skyblock: Frequently Asked Questions

We're happy to answer any questions about our new game mode, Skyblock! But we're not robots and can't think of every possible question you may ask, so feel free to ask in our discord server or in-game. If you would like a question to be added let us know!

Q: How do I create an island?
A: You can use /is create to create an island.

Q: How do I invite my friend to join my island?
A: You can invite your friend to your island by using /is invite (username).

Q: How do I uninvite my friend to my island?
A: To kick someone from your island use /is kick (username).

Q: How do I teleport to my island?
A: Use /is go to teleport to your island.

Q: How do I trust someone in my island?
A: You can use /is trust (username).

Q: How do I untrust someone?
A: Use /is untrust (username) to untrust someone.

Q: How do I get a Commoner Crate Key?
A: You can receive a commoner crate key by voting and by participating in chat games.

Q: How do I buy things?
A: You can buy things from /shop or /ah You can also trade with others using the /trade command.

Q: How do I sell things?
A: You can use /sellhand to sell what you are currently holding. Knight's + can use /sellall to sell everything in their inventory.

Q: How do I obtain ores?
A: You can obtain ores in the /mine.

Q: How do I fight those cool awesome custom bosses I saw in a YouTube video?
A: You can fight them in the /dungeon.

Oneblock: Frequently Asked Questions

Oneblock is no longer a supported game mode as of 9/05/2023. Oneblock was one of Blockland's most popular game modes and stopped receiving updates in late 2022. Currently there is no guarantee on what will happen to Oneblock.

Q: Why can't I join Oneblock?
A: Oneblock is currently not receiving any updates and the blocklands team can't guarantee uptime.

Q: Will Oneblock be updated again?
A: At this time we are unable to provide any future information about Oneblock.

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Last Updated: 10/18/2023