Have you ever wanted to know the team that makes everything possible on Blocklands? Well now you can learn about all of our current active staff members that you probably see everyday on Blocklands.

Meet KickSquare - Owner

Hey, I'm KickSquare 👋 I'm the founder of Blocklands and in charge of coordinating operations, teams, etc. I've been running servers since 2020 and welcome every new player who joins our community! Come check us out at mc.blocklands.org or on our public Discord server!

Meet Monster_Milo - Admin

My main responsibilities range from managing all aspects of the staff team, to providing fun content updates and fixing bugs. I am also the main quest writer and I try to host monthly events for the community. I absolutely love being staff on Blocklands because the community is amazing and hilarious and it feels super rewarding when I'm able to help them out!

Favorite color: Navy Blue
Fun Fact: I have a tiny dog named Zoe.

Meet Michael_Master13 - Senior Moderator

My accountability as a staff member is to reply and manage tickets as well as handle punishments in the game and on Discord. I also write the majority of articles published on this website. I truly enjoy being a staff member at blocklands because it really feels good to assist people, I also value the blocklands community because it is an amazing community.

Favorite Color: Blue (#1b88f5 to be exact)
Fun Fact: I love to exercise.

Meet psyOtic007 - Moderator

As a staff member I enjoy helping out newer players and just generally trying to make BL an enjoyable place to be for all people. As a player, I just enjoy making interesting builds (PW Zurich) if I'm not making something interesting. I am often exploring other places getting inspiration and ideas.

Favorite Color: Purple (#3F0076)
Fun Fact: I own Java and Bedrock for PC as well as Bedrock on mobile, but mostly use Java.

Meet DrClarkk - Helper

My accountability as a staff member is to help people start playing and learn more about the server. I also help people with builds and all types of stuff to make the server better than it was. I truly enjoy being a staff member on blocklands because I love to help people and assist people on the server and I would love to help people on the server and help them learn more about it. I love the blocklands community because they are nice and helpful and I love talking to the community.

Favorite Color: Purple
Fun Fact: I love to play sports.

Last Updated: 11/9/2023