We are thrilled to announce the results of our recent Fall Build Competition! Participants showed off their creativity and talent by constructing amazing structures inspired by the fall season.

After careful consideration and evaluation, the top three winners of the competition have been determined. Let's unveil the champions:

  1. *ItzNotPhoebe - Your build was just what we were looking for! Awesome white gradients, decorated to the brim, and you stuck to the Fall theme! Congradulations on such a fantastic build!
  2. DrClarkk & Michael_Master13 - A close second, you guys crafted an amazing church with a roof that I absolutely love! You just missed a few points on the interior detail, but perfect everywhere else
  3. Duckyboii - You also had a very cool build, making great use of it by implementing a spawner farm! Unfortunately  it didn't quite fit with the fall theme, but very cool nonetheless!

Congratulations to the winners! Your remarkable building skills and dedication have secured your place among the top contenders in this competition.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the participants who took part in the event. Your passion for Blocklands and commitment to excellence made this competition a tremendous success. We hope you had a fantastic time showcasing your talents and exploring the fall-themed builds.

Stay tuned on our discord server for future events and competitions with fantastic rewards and tons of fun!