The Earth SMP is one of the most popular game modes on Blocklands, and there is a lot to learn when you first start to play!

How to Claim Land

/claim - Claim the chunk you are standing in.
/unclaim - Unclaim the chunk you are standing in.
/unclaimall - Unclaim all of your chunks.

*Pro Tip:
Use /lands setspawn to set your land's spawn!

How to Trust Teammates
⚠ Be careful of who you trust, as they will have access to Place & Destroy blocks and open your containers.

/trust [Username] - Trust a player in your land.
/untrust [Username] - Untrust a player in your land.

/lands menu - Opens a menu to configure your land.

How to Buy Items

/shop - Buy items from the game's shop.
/ah - Buy items from other players.

*You can buy items from a player's Chest Shop too!

How to Sell Items

/sell - Sell items to the game for a set amount of money.
/ah sell [Amount] - Sell items on the public Auction House!

Player Warps
Create a warp for Players to teleport to even if you are offline!

/pw - Opens up a list of player warps!
/pw [Warp] - Teleport to a player warp!
/pw set [Name] - Create a player warp at your current location.

Other Commands

/server [Server] - Change servers.
/hub - Change to the Hub server.

/sethome - Set your home.
/home - Teleport to your home.

/discord - Join our Discord Server!
/store - Shop at our Store!

Still Need Help?

Ask players in game if you need help, they are always happy to help!
We also offer support in our Discord Server!