Wow it's already September, there were a lot of updates on Blocklands during the month of August! Let's summarize what happened!


On August 5th, we welcomed a new Content Developer to Blocklands, @DervRune!

Derv will be helping out with the technical side of BL, like adding fun updates, implementing suggestions, fixing bugs, and adding new monthly crates!

-👋Welcome Derv!


On August 15th, the August Crate was released with new items including, the New Trident Item, New Textures, and Claim Vouchers!


LumberMinions - Lumber minions will no longer be fully AFK, You will have to FEED each minion after 15 actions have been taken by that minion, or else the minion will become inoperable.

Death Messages - There will no longer be a blank message sent in chat when a player dies.

Mini Updates

- All new Daily Login Rewards!
- All new Fishing System!

Most Active Discord Members:
- willing_warrior (Text)
- psyotic007 (VC)

That's all the new stuff from August on Blocklands! Thanks, Kick & Derv for providing high quality and very cool updates!

Featured Build: Credit to *PPPCHIO1 for this month's featured build!